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CIS projects

Commonwealth of Independent States projects

2005: Supply to Ukraine of first cryogenic semi-trailer 24 m3.

2005: Ukrainian cryogenic cylinder manufacturing:

Technex is supplier of cryogenic cylinders accessories and parts for CIS. 

2007: Assembling of cryogenic semi-trailers

In 2007 the company TECHNEX LIMITED Ukraine was launched the project of assembling in Ukraine the cryogenic semi-trailers for transportation and storage of the following cryogenic liquids: LO2, LN2, LAr, LNH3, LN2O, LPG, LNG, and LCO2.
The decision to assemble of cryogenic semi-trailers in Ukraine was born from the key factors: central geographic position of Ukraine country - in the middle between EC and Russia and others CIS, the low cost of human resources, the high technology potential of the country, the prospective of fast growth of CIS industrial gas market.
The Technex project united the efforts of suppliers of semi-trailer parts and technologies from the different countries: Russia, Ukraine, China, Korea, India, New Zealand, France, USA. The manufacturing, testing and quality standards of assembled semi-trailers meet the standards of CIS.

The first Ukrainian cryogenic semi-trailer for LO2, with volume 20 m3 and pressure 0,8 MPa assembled  for the Ukrainian gas company.

20.11.2007: The first Ukrainian cryogenic semi-trailer of the company TECHNEX was successfully tested by filling of the liquid argon. The first Ukrainian cryogenic semi-trailer of the company TECHNEX delivered to the client 25 t of LAr. The efficiency of present delivery exceeds all expectations. The evaporation rate of LAr during its transportation is about zero.

2007: Supply of 40m3 LO2 cryogenic storage system with productivity 1000 nm3/h for new plant in Cherkassy city for the newbuilt plant of insulating materials. The owner of the newbuilt plant in Cherkassy is the Russian Corporation TECHNONICOL ( Technex competitor in tender was Russian cryogenic corporation Kriogenmash.


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