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Extraction of hydrogen

Hydrogen is the significant component for numerous processes like:

-ammonia synthesis;


-caprolactam production;

- hydrogenation.

Hydrogeniscriticalinsemiconductor manufacturing, petrochemistry, nonferrous metallurgy.Hydrogenconsumptionasfuelhasbeenwidelyincreased.

We propose technological solutions for extraction of hydrogen of any purity and in nearly unlimited amounts as described below:

1.       Hydrogen extraction from natural gas

Hydrogen is extracted by means of steam conversion

CH4 + H2O = CO + 3H2 – catalytic reformingin tube furnace

ΡΞ + H2O = CO2 + H2 – catalyticsteamconversion

Syngas producedis purified fromCO2 using activated methyl di ethanol amine solution in the amine unit.

1 — coolingblock, 2 — airblower, 3 — foamabsorber, 4 — pump, 5 — heatexchanger,
6 — foamdesorber, 7 — desorbergenerator, I — gas to be cleaned, II — water, III — purified gas, IV — carbon dioxide to consumer, V — steam. 


Hydrogenis extracted fromCO2-freesyngasinthe swingadsorptionunit.

2.            Hydrogen extraction from hydrogen containing gas, like:

- cokegas(seep. coke gas)

Cokegasconsistsof 56-58% vol. hydrogenandisultimate raw material for hydrogen extraction.

-          purge gas (for example, ammonia production)

Ammonia production purge gas contains about 60% of hydrogen, 5-7% of argon, nitrogen, methane.

Proposedhydrogenextractiontechnologiesofpressure swingadsorptionor cryogenic gas separation allow for extraction of hydrogen, which can be reused in production, and nitrogen and methane of 99% purity at the same time.


3. Hydrogen extraction in ammonia and methanol cracking plants

Numerousproductionsrequirelowamountsofpurehydrogen (for welding and steel cutting, semiconductors production), or at start-up period (at ammonia, methanol unit start,at heating of nitric acid contacting apparatus grids).

Thereasonablesolutionforsuchkindsofproductionis ammonia or methanol cracking plant.

Ammoniavapor degradesonthecatalystandproducedwatercontainingmixtureisused or hydrogen is extracted thereof


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