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Adsorption technology to produce Hydrogen H2

We propose 99.9999% hydrogen production technologies with up to 93% extraction from any hydrogen containing gas, like:

-converted gas;

- coke gas;

- gasified coal;

- gas-, oil-, coal-, combustibleshale products;

- ammonia production purge gases;

- release gas from petrochemical productions;

 - raw hydrocarbons and carbons:

-natural gas;


-coal (including brown coal);

-combustible shale;

-waste wood

By means of methanol and ammonia cracking

We propose a special double stages wing adsorption technology allowing for extracting not less than 93% of hydrogen of 99.9% purity from any gas mixture with min 50% vol. hydrogen content.


General Introduction to Pressure Swing Adsorption Technology

Normal air separation technology is the newly- developed technology in foreign countries in the 1970s, which is totally different from the traditional cryogenic air separation technology. In our region the Group is the earliest company, which started to research the pressure swing adsorption technology in 1982. For this the project has been listed in the CKey Science Project in the Sixth five year plant. Therefore, Group research institute set up a research team for pressure swing adsorption technology development. The first 50m3/h industrial device was passed the qualification by China ministry of machine building in 1987. So far, the normal temperature gas separation plant has been widely used in petrochemical, metallurgical, chemical, coal, electronic and food industry. The normal temperature air separation plant of Group (pressure swing adsorption to make oxygen, pressure swing adsorption to make nitrogen and membrane separation to make nitrogen) is chosen as the main matched product of logistics equipment for PLA air force and the second artillery troop.
Group has made great contribution to the modernization of Chinas defense.

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