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Commonwealth of Independent States projects cases

Supply of first cryogenic semi-trailer 24 m3

Cryogenic cylinder manufacturing

Technex is supplier of cryogenic cylinders accessories and parts for CIS. 

Assembling of cryogenic semi-trailers

The company TECHNEX LIMITED was launched the project of assembling the cryogenic semi-trailers for transportation and storage of the following cryogenic liquids: LO2, LN2, LAr, LNH3, LN2O, LPG, LNG, and LCO2.
The Technex project united the efforts of suppliers of semi-trailer parts and technologies from the different countries: China, Korea, India, New Zealand, France, USA. The manufacturing, testing and quality standards of assembled semi-trailers meet the standards of CIS.

The first cryogenic semi-trailer for LO2, with volume 20 m3 and pressure 0,8 MPa assembled for the gas company.

The first cryogenic semi-trailer of the company TECHNEX was successfully tested by filling of the liquid argon. The first cryogenic semi-trailer of the company TECHNEX delivered to the client 25 t of LAr. The efficiency of present delivery exceeds all expectations. The evaporation rate of LAr during its transportation is about zero.

Supply of 40m3 LO2 cryogenic storage system with productivity 1000 nm3/h for the newbuilt plant of insulating materials. The owner of the newbuilt plant is the Corporation TECHNONICOL.


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