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PT533 Booster Turbo-expander used for 1 million Nm3/d Natural Gas Liquefaction & Separation Plant

Group is the first to research and develop the compressor-braked turbo-expander and so far, more than 300 sets of turbo-expander have been successfully fabricated with their performance in the leading position in China and their efficiencies up to more 88%.  These turbo-expanders have been applied to air separation plant with a capacity ranging from 300Nm3/h to 30000Nm3/h, to hydrocarbon recovering plants with a capacity ranging from 30000m3/d to 1200000m3/d and to liquefaction plants with a capacity ranging from 30L/h to 300T/d.  The inlet pressure of the turbo-expander reaches up to 8.5Mpa with the liquid at the outlet up to 15%.  The skid-mounted machine proper with the adjustable nozzles & exchangeable sliding bearings is easy to operate and maintain and the PLC is applied to independently control the machine unit. In order to ensure the performance of the product, the five-axis digital control machining, the fine lathe, the coordinate boring & milling machine, the high-accuracy dynamic balance testing machine and the three-axis measuring machine are used respectively in the fabrication and testing of the impeller.  In addition, the natural frequency testing device, over-speed testing machine and the performance testing station are equipped.  The NREC software ported from the USA is used for the design of the impellor structure, flow analysis and processing programming, the NASTRAN software is used for the bearing mechanic performance and the UG software is used for the three-dimension real-model design for the machine structure. 


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